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Animation  or animation or animation Display a sharp and steady images of artwork dimensional , or in situations of real models, to create the illusion of motion is.  dynamic images smooth motion animations, caused by an optical illusion is due to the phenomenon of persistence of images is created.Animation can be in the form of both analog media such as film, animation, video tapes or digital media, flash animation, digital video recorder, or “GIF” is dynamic. To display animation can be a camera, computer or use a projector with new technologies. The most common way to display animation, film or video is. An animation, traditional and digital method is created in two ways. Astapmvshn Is a style of animation where the movement or change of location, shape or mode for two or three-dimensional objects using cutting-edge paper, colored transparent films or dolls; and record every moment of the frame to form an image , and displays images continuously replaced, with previous images, usually with 24, 25, 30 or 60 frames per second, a work of animation is created.

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