All about baby massage

The first baby relationship with the outside world comes through touching. Touching a significant impact on infant emotional communication, a sense of security and trust him to their environment. Children who are touched by the loving parents, they feel more relaxed. Parents can help by massaging and loving contact with their baby, he expressed love from the beginning to the formation of self-confidence help him.
Baby massage is a wonderful and effective way to communicate with him. Babies soon will realize that the light reflects back the love of those around them.


What are the benefits of massage for infants?

Massage improves blood circulation, causing the child to be refreshed skin. Massage also helps boost the immune system, reduces many chronic pain in the body as well as your child. Another benefit of massage is tightening his muscles flexible joints. Infant massage by parents of children who are usually cry less and are more resistant to disease and discomfort.

Massage, strengthen the digestive system and digestion and excretion done better. Children less colic, constipation and diarrhea affected. Massage also helps children to better feeding. Children who experience a slower massage and go to bed at night, his parents not to sleep in trouble. When waking are also Srhaltr and well-mannered. Massage also helps to improve the respiratory system.

Massage benefits not only the children but also for parents has good interest. This also relaxes the parents to increase their sensitivity to the movements of the child.

These parents because during the massage eye contact with your baby have a better understanding Nhsbt to find out his reaction.This particular understanding of child maintenance helps them better.

Requirements for infant massage

– Massage your baby when he is well prepared. Your child should be hungry or very satisfied. An hour after eating and after bathing opportunity is perfect for the job.

– Ornaments that may harm the baby massage out of your hand.

– Nail your hands quite short.

– To massage your hands with soap and water. Also rub your hands together or put on the album with tepid to warm up for three to four minutes and then dry.

– A quiet and warm place to find massage the child.

– Room temperature should be about 26 ° C to cover the infant’s comfort.

– Towel and put them on the bed or floor over it.

– Is to massage the oils for the kids to use.

baby massage

How Infant Massage

Massage start from the neck to the hips proceed. First, you can put your hands on your chest, using your thumb, bones below the neck and around the child’s chest gently massage in circular movements and then slowly go to the sides of the chest. Then go on to hands and massage each in turn. From wrist to armpit start and proceed child.

When gently massage each finger joint and touch the whole hand. Baby belly for gentle massage of a hand. The area above the navel in a clockwise circular motion massage. Who did the same move as the hands, feet together and slowly turn to massage your groin. The single Tkangshtan with their fingers touch the child’s feet and massage the soles of her feet with longitudinal movements. Better and lower back massage using the palm of the hand and do circular movements.

Stretching after massage

After massaging the baby’s arms and legs can stretch them slowly and they run on. First, wrists straight and your baby’s hands and pull it out and a few seconds to keep the same state. Hands are crossed on the abdomen, hold a few seconds to turn instead to change hands. Pull your arms upward and then hold down the right angle. Put your legs is also marked Shksm a few seconds after the switch legs.

Remember these tips

– Make sure the surface where you put the baby on the baby’s body in it was not too soft.

– Never sick child, especially not massage the baby’s fever. Embrace them in this situation is more relaxing.

– Do not massage your baby because it is possible vomiting if eaten fresh. He gets hungry baby massage course leads to restlessness.

– If a child has a tendency to play massaging his subordinates avoided because you will not be quiet.

– Duration of massage can be 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the baby’s desire.

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