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Agricultural tour



Agricultural tour:
In general the kind of tour that takes tourists to the farm and garden draws and includes a wide range of activities is, including buy products directly from farms, were in the fields, picking fruit from the tree and crop farm, Ghzadadn to animals and even living or working on a farm. In addition, activities such as horseback riding, taste honey, learn how wine and cheese production, purchase of agricultural products and agricultural tourism are among the native crafts. Agricultural fairs and festivals are also other types of agricultural tourism.
This type of tourism is growing in the world, especially in Australia, Canada, America and the Philippines.

Agricultural tourism to sustainable agriculture Knd.tvr agricultural tourism with the aim of Shnakrdn tourists with agricultural importance in the history of a country and its role and importance in today Ztdgy and create a sense of support from farmers in the run. Nowadays tourists to tourism to agriculture in countries different planning and participation of indigenous peoples in the planning area must be used.

With the development of cities and away from farms and gardens, people to places where their food is produced daily, are more curious. They are more and more interested in being with those who can provide their daily food and talked, they sit closely acquainted. For many tourists, especially children, this is the first time they see how they milked a cow, or how to grow corn or picking apples from the tree Dard.mzary what pleasure the tourists the possibility to work and participate in farm chores, too they give.

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