An actor or actress who is said to be a professional role in a drama, theater , cinema and TV plays. Actor, who in the past “Actor” or “Artist” was sung, who has a role in the work of theatrical plays. The term is for those in the role play used although and starring roles in radio dramas may also be called an actor. Actors can work within a theater , film ,TV series or other actors do during training. Sometimes actors to voice the characters of the cartoon or talking instead of those in paid television ads. Actors sometimes playing computer games a role in their implementation. It works by recording the movements and voice and data reconstruction computer is achieved. Pyshhhay acting career from very ancient human.

He who has the responsibility actors, they understand their role and their role with them and eventually, they will be ready for the final game in front of the camera.Some directors do this work themselves, but in today’s filmmaking career, usually the person who is acting into his full nobility (even from actors pose), used to take up this responsibility and somehow cast they directed.

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