A useful exercise for the heart & fitness




All about cardio exercise should know:
If at home or the gym bikes, the steppe (VR), galley, or have a treadmill, you can without being exposed to bad weather or air pollution, fitness and exercise do cardio exercise.
High energy consumption:
To carry out these activities, the body needs a lot of energy, so a large amount of fat to be burned: approximately 300 to 600-kilo calories per hour.

A useful exercise for the heart & fitness

Delicate organ:
As soon as the body are consumed, i.e. the carbonate, about 30 to 40 minutes after the first (this is the time for different entities, variable), the body of fat stores for energy procurement requirements these activities. With a regular exercise program (2-3 times a week and each time are at least 45 minutes) to your organs will progressively finer members.)
Welcome to physical form:
Certainly the legs in all these exercises up. In addition to the feet, arms, abdominal and back muscles, especially in exercises related to the galley in the work.
Low pressure on the joints:
Practice with your bike and galley, sitting so low are forced to push members of the bust. When working with the steppe, body weight between the two legs. You can have different movements, change your training devices.
Activities available to all:
What a rookie luck what a professional athlete, you can gradually training different levels with different devices.
The disadvantages of these sports:


Boredom: running in a fixed place, is uniform. In contrast, exercise, unlike the endurance exercise in the open air (two, bike riding, two …) do not change the scenery.
Not having a regular schedule:
When find yourself at home or in the Club to start the exercise, it should do so in the entire Office application can. .. So exposed to fatigue, back pain, soreness will be placed. To avoid these problems it is better to fit the elements along with regular no rhythm whatsoever.
The risk of increased body heat:
When inside a closed environment without air circulation or blew the lowest sovereign exercise, a great risk in waiting for you: water shortage the body!
Some advice for having a better training
His best form is equipped with:
Working with the device you are having for shoes to fit, quality, comfortable and does not exempt bumpers.



Before exercising, warm yourself:
Most programs for heating devices that you can use them. Otherwise, before you go on your device, do the elements for warming yourself.
Working with sports equipment and devices:
With this work the muscle-building and taking advantage of the characteristics of a variety of devices. In the course of venous blood flow causes the stepper and consequently reducing cellulite (body fats) as well as the strong force and arms and abdominal muscles. Exercise bike also if done with care and observe the principles of proper motion causes the joints.


A useful exercise for the heart & fitness

Drink water:
Don’t forget that you do in the Hall of the elements for which the status of the open air has been considered. Regularly before, during, and after practicing a few sips of water to drink.
After the workout to rest, or else you will suffer soreness!


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