A simple drink tea or tea aromas?





Some suspect the tea aromas, a different type of tea is that its leaves have more scent, but it’s not.
Herbal tea, which is in a lot of countries grows, but based on the evidence, appears to be China, the birthplace of this handsome herb flavor. Of course, the tea plant of the country to Iran, India and in the northern cities of the country is cultivated. The temperate climate and tea to fill the growing need for rain. That’s why more tea plantations are in the northern cities of Iran.

With this introduction, we’ll have a few questions about the process of the production of black tea and is one of the most popular products, namely, tea aromas.
The tea leaves are harvested in spring or autumn leaves beterhstnd?
Tea leaves, usually in the spring and autumn are stacked two times. As the leaves arranged, fresh, younger, smaller and placed in the upper part of the tea plant, more quality. In General, the delicate leaves that accumulate in the spring, the leaves of autumn is more and better flavor.
The next step of picking tea leaves, tea production?
The leaves arranged to factory production of tea or tea plant, the same. Fresh tea leaf, first in the halls and the shelves are kept inside until the moisture content is moderated somewhat. In the so-called «plasanden».

The heat of this Hall, also the sunshade should be around 22 ° c so that the leaves are in these circumstances, a loose and flexible mode. In the next step, this leaves a device of mechanical pressure to reject as it enters and leaves the cell and the cell SAP of ripping it out. In this stage, the stage of “breaking the leaves”.


A simple drink tea or tea aromas?


Finally together again leaves in broad classified venues that in terms of thermal conditions, such as the first Hall. This step of the tea production is called “fermentation” in which the microorganisms present in the environment and the enzymes present in the leaves, causing the existing combination of fermentation in the tea leaves.

The duration of fermentation is important?
yes. The more time the stay more tea in the final stage of the fermentation, the tea is black color will be when Terry BREW. The only difference between green tea and black in the transition from this point; that is, green tea, black tea, fermentation step after step and break the leaves immediately for drying can be sent if you have black tea, after passing through a stage of fermentation, dry.

This production process that is manageable. So why did teas, the ratio of foreign tea, Indian tea good quality like?
The problem seems to be the type of tea plant in Iran. Since centuries, during the years of the Persian tea was nice and large volumes of this tea in the tea warehouses remained the owners also are reluctant to work on genetically modified plants did not find tea.

While being careless in collecting more and more delicate leaves little time for tea quality factor. On the other hand, maybe the accuracy we’re tea factories during the various stages of the production of tea, is not enough. All these factors go hand in hand together so the quality of teas foreign tea a little lower and less public attention from it. Of course, we cannot make a difference and more warm weather conditions being the original birthplace of the cultivation of tea, such as India and Sri Lanka also was unaware of Iran towards the North.

Of course, these days the tea production in the factory to improve the quality of their products and trying some domestic products, competitive with their foreign types.

About the process of black tea also find aromatize say?
Some suspect the tea aromas, a different type of tea is that its leaves have more scent, but it’s not. Black tea after the passing of the final stage of the drying, fine to coarse several categories, and the rating is obtained. Dry and coarse tea, usually the price and quality. Tea production is obtained more of the tea bag to work. All the dried tea, coarse and fine what’s what, the ability to add essential oils and aromatic with different flavors, chocolate, and fruit. It can even be used to dry tea, a little food coloring is allowed. What is usually available in tea is obtained for the tea bag. Unfortunately, most of the tea is scented with essential oil aromas are chemical.

Is it possible to make pure aromas of tea brewing, or does this not recommended?
Usually, the more the tea aromas with essential oils aromatic chemical and, of course, are not permitted. However, these essential oils are allowed but taking over as it can cause problems such as gastrointestinal disease risk so it is better to continuous use scented tea habit. While drinking this kind of tea for the vulnerable such as the elderly, children and pregnant women are also due to the essential oils and additives that are not appropriate.

Mixing the aromas and simple tea is not recommended?
No, when you mix with natural tea scented tea, namely tea that you drink all of the promises, tea aromas combine with all the value that you are taking. This, while as much as possible, should not be aromatic tea consumption. It is better to form the aromas of the tea are pure or mixed in your meal plan so you can use all of the properties contained in the tea leaves is a simple, no hassle.

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