A fruit that adjusts the sleep cycle

Cherry has many properties and set the body’s sleep cycle and prevention of premature aging some of it.

Scientific and experimental evidence suggests, some of the chemicals contained in natural cherry-like Savior against the disease.

  1. antioxidant characteristics

Is often used in cosmetic products is looking for a miracle antioxidant? This time, it is the only series to place wholesale fruit and buy some cherry! As you know, the aging process antioxidants are very slow. Cherries contain compounds made of phenolic Glycoside with safflower as phelanoeid. These compounds found in many fruits and vegetables can be found colored and have high antioxidant characteristics.

2-the body’s sleep cycle regulate

Do you have trouble sleeping? Melatonin is available in Cherry, calms the nervous system and reduces stress and nervous irritation and to treat insomnia and headache conditions are extremely helpful.

2-characteristics of anti-inflammatory

In addition to the resources available in Cherry, safflower antioxidant such as an anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, cherries are potential can be like a shield in front of a painful chronic diseases such as arthritis and other muscle diseases. It can also be used to calm the sports injuries. A glass of cherry juice could be the only thing that after a sports meeting hard to your pain.

4-effective alternative to painkillers

The anti-inflammatory characteristics of reasons mentioned above, the housing can be instead of cherries, including aspirin or Advil, morphine is used. So create a natural way to deal with your pain away completely from the side effects of these drugs.

5-low calorie


At the same time that Cherry is very, nutritious low-calorie food can be considered as one, so that any problems in the application of a regime anyone. A good mix of cherry minerals necessary for the activities of the

Different in the body.

  1. characteristics of cancer

What we blame our life style and what new year shopping we complain, but the truth is that the World Cancer day to day steadily in a variety of age groups is on the rise. At the same time about starting and expanding what we don’t know, but the scientific and experimental evidence suggests, some of the chemicals contained in natural cherry-like Savior against the disease. Some of the compounds found in cherries, such as kouerestin, elazhik acid, and  alcohol have proved that much in preventing the process of initiation and spread of the cancer.


Property disposed of toxins for all of us. What is someone who does not like to remove these toxins from and to a sense of wellness? Cherry is in addition to the features listed, to the body, helps foreign substances from the body and the excretion of a security and natural Detox for the body.

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