پخت و پز در سفر

If you do not have to cook on a journey nature, what would you do? Of course, here the news of the stove and oven and cooker Nyst.bnabrayn have to work with clay and charcoal cooking fire and rescue your team from hunger.

We have several cooking methods simple in nature, we offer you can come to work in the most sensitive cases.

Build a natural curls

One method of cooking meat in nature is that it’s fat inside a gated cook the dish. Cook over low heat and gentle meat is delicious. This method of cooking is ideal for root vegetables.

پخت و پز در سفر

A large metal boxes with lids that leverage is on it can be used as an oven. If no door must be opened downward. You can protect the front of the oven To keep the oven, but do not fasten it because it raises the pressure inside.

If no box is not available, a tenor domed clay Field and before starting the cooking fire inside turn a small aperture in built up during cooking, it can be easily closed.

Box on the rocks, so that the fire is lighted under it. Rock and soil around it with a cover and a space at the back of the box in the upper part of the right to consider and chimney smoke out of the back of the box.


This method is very suitable for cooking fish and vegetables. The cans have created holes and then put it into cans of larger and larger share something like a stone in the bottom of the canister inner canister above the water that poured into larger cans keep you. The outer cover can not close it tightly but because of pressure explodes. In this way, after the small fire under the big bottle contents can be steamed.



If oil available, you can give variety to the diet. Each bend metal which is suitable for frying. Some trees such as banana leaves enough oil and all food can be prepared without oil runs out! First, press the leaves come out to the oil and fry food on a charcoal fire.

پخت و پز در سفر


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