This method is very suitable for cooking fish and vegetables. The cans have created holes and then put it into cans of larger and larger share something like a stone in the bottom of the canister inner canister above the water that poured into larger cans keep you. The outer cover can not close it tightly but because of pressure explodes. In this way, after the small fire under the big bottle contents can be steamed.



If oil available, you can give variety to the diet. Each bend metal which is suitable for frying. Some trees such as banana leaves enough oil and all food can be prepared without oil runs out! First, press the leaves come out to the oil and fry food on a charcoal fire.

پخت و پز در سفر


Cook with stones

This type of cooking method does not require cutlery and kitchenware. This method should use the brushwood and stone dust. It should not be crushed stone that may be used.

پخت و پز در سفر

First, a hole is oval dimensions of 45-60 cm and a depth of approximately 45-60 drilled and then brushwood and put it at the top of the hole at the bottom of a suitable timber and put it in another layer formed put the correct angle between the rocks and thus 5 or 6 or more alternating layers on top of the rock and let it ride.

Brushwood caught fire when the wood is burned and heated stones on them and eventually all of the rocks fall into the pit. Coal and ash left and hunting took place on a hot stone. Meat and vegetables on the side of the pit should be in the middle.

The distance between the food and the floor must be present. Cover the hole with soil and foliage, and after half an hour on it. The stove can boil water collected in bags that water does not leak from its use. Let the water bags to head on the stove boiling water after an hour and a half will be OK.

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