Interestingly, the main customers are young gum and chewed gum higher than males.There are many myths about chewing gum and invention. For example, it is believed that in 1993, archaeologists discovered the corpse of a man dating back 9 thousand years to the body of evidence showing that he is constantly chewing on a resin impregnated with honey, which is died in an accident. Studies show that this person was a teenager is more accurate.

The ancient Greeks had a great interest in chewing gum and Mayan Myjvydnd a special resin material. Modern chewing gum formulation of the 1860s began. Gum chewing gum in those years Mespilus germanica American or enter the United States by a dentist named Dr. Thomas Adams and effort trying to invent some new tires, but the result turned to chewing gum.

Dr. Adams chewing gum production was sold in the shop itself was met with customer acceptance. Aside from these events come to the question that chewing gum may be beneficial or harmful. Research on the benefits and harms of chewing gum and gum lovers Much has been said that the review could lead to an assessment.

Stress Management with gum

According to research conducted at the University of Texas, chewing gum when stressed, feel better and recommended that the person who took the stress of chewing gum. When you’re nervous, try to chew gum because it prepares you for chewing harsh and so it can make your jaw is tired.

Chewing too hard will cause obesity and pain in the jaw. It can also create a condition called TMJ. This causes pain in the head and neck region and to open and close the jaws is difficult. If you find any of these symptoms you see in a few days rest and your jaw from chewing gum to avoid, if symptoms did not disappear, consult your doctor.

Chewing gum after intestinal surgery

Scientific evidence confirms that chewing gum improved the condition of patients after colorectal surgery has beneficial effects. According to the researchers, the chewing action stimulates the nerves in the digestive tract. The findings in the journal “Archives of Surgery” published after reviewing data from recent trials involving 158 patients achieved 5. Researchers say, chewing gum return of bowel function by stimulating nerves in the digestive system to normal and healthy process quickly.
In another experiment seeks to answer these questions, experts now find out if this method is that the time required for recovery from surgery and hospitalization time is reduced, the?

In each of these experiments, a group of sugar-free gum to patients three times a day after surgery and Myjvydnd for a period of 5 to 45 minutes and then were compared with another group of patients who were Njvydh gum. Chewing gum is a little like eating and is trigger bowel movements. Any abdominal surgery can slow bowel function and at least 50 percent. This could have serious problems. But despite these studies, researchers believe that further studies in this area should be made to ensure that the results are not accidental. Researchers say, if chewing gum can have an impact in such a substantial sum for the treatment of these patients is consumed will save and hospital costs reduced.

Chew gum Raahsth

The advice of professionals, although chewing gum can improve on when you are experiencing stress and relieve tension to be effective, but must be careful not to overdo it and extravagance. Experts note that when you are under stress, you may chew gum with intensity and pressure which can waste your jaw and analyze it.

The hazards of chewing gum

Bads of gum chewing gum but not least, sometimes good properties may also have the opposite effect on some people. For example, using some toothpastes and some more gum than tooth decay, and maintain the bacteria that are causing the transmission of infection by bacteria in the body, eventually causing or worsening heart disease. Some chewing gum, thereby minimizing blood pressure and heart rate in heart disease and increases their risk.

Sometimes chewing gum sweetened with some sweeteners cause allergic reaction in some people. The researchers say that chewing gum in some susceptible individuals, irritates the digestive tract. In addition, other studies suggest an increased risk of tongue cancer risk among those who Dams·hayy flavored with cinnamon, had chewed high.

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