8 simple ways to have the teeth white




But how can I without spending the costs such a requested receipt?
According to the health of most people suspect of having white teeth that could not be achieved, unless the dentist and dental beautify new resort. This is while in compliance with a few simple tips and taking some food and avoiding others can be a beautiful smile. Continue on to eight commons, accessible to all, and a low-cost, we can mention:

1. use baking soda
Oxidizing being one of the most important features of beer; the feature which makes this article is like a natural tooth bleaching action. More q no downtime teeth one teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water and use it as a toothpaste.

2-eat strawberries
If you thought the red strawberries cause can be the color of the teeth go entirely in the wrong. The existence of significant amounts of Malic acid is a natural cleanser that somehow caused the cleanliness of teeth.


8 simple ways to have the teeth white


3-hot water and salt
Salt is not only to give a particular brilliance but teeth with gingival bacteria to eliminate their health can help. Mix the salt with water soluble salts is unrivaled for cleanliness of teeth.

4 eating apples
In addition to all the benefits that Apple for our health, the natural cleaner that can make our teeth from all kinds of scrap metal clean.

5. drink water or milk
The calcium found in milk plays an important role in becoming stronger teeth. In addition, milk and juice drinks that are clear to Iran to help tooth brightness.

6. eat cheese
Other food besides the stamina up teeth whiteness and brightness caused most of them to be cheese. In fact, cheese with milk and similar functional properties.


8 simple ways to have the teeth white


7-the use of coconut oil
Maybe that is a little bit strange to mix oil makes whiteness of teeth is a spoon, but geared enough coconut oil up to the maximum possible extent in his mouth and keep the amazing impact it as yourself. An ideal time to do this is 15 minutes in a manner which, while removing the plaque to the strength of teeth also can help.

The more strange black color combination is not; for cleanliness and whiteness of teeth. Contrary to what seems to be this article, black paint to cleaning teeth, absorb bacteria and finally cleans down toxic substances in the mouth help quite a lot.


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