7 signs off the intestine leak point!


رتریت روماتوئید, درمان روده نشت کننده

Food allergy is one of the causes of inflammatory bowel disease

Human gut naturally porous and thus the body through the lining of the intestine absorbs nutrients. But in case of damage the lining of the intestine, allowing for larger molecules or macromolecules known as the macromolecule, provided to escape from the gastrointestinal tract and enter the bloodstream.

Damage to the intestinal wall and exit of larger food particles called leaky gut syndrome is known. Larger food particles can enter the bloodstream inflammation, bloating, changes in bowel habits and fatigue cause. Leaky gut syndrome diagnosis can be difficult. Then some potential signs of developing these conditions we are more familiar.

With food allergy will not buckle

Leaky gut can trigger inflammation, but can also be formed by intestinal inflammation. Food allergy is one of the causes of inflammatory bowel disease. One of the best ways to get closer to diagnose remove the foods that are most likely to cause problems. In this regard, six options are considered and the patient will be asked to refrain from taking them two to three weeks, including dairy, eggs, corn, gluten, citrus and soy are.

Are faced with gluten intolerance

In the first case is also mentioned, but gluten is one of the main drivers for leaky gut and deserve to be examined separately. If the intake of bread, pasta, cereal, or other food containing gluten unpleasant feelings in you takes shape – gastrointestinal distress, bloating, lethargy – your body may not have enough ability to digest the protein problematic.

Are faced with joint pain

Sometimes patients complain of a general joint pain. Medical tests to determine the prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis and in case of negative answer medical attention may be attracted to the leaky gut. Joint pain can be a sign of leaky gut syndrome. Studies have shown that these conditions may have roots in autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

The poor performance of the digestive system trouble

Eat and feel bloated. Or may be after eating certain foods feel an urgent need to use the toilet. Change in bowel habits, constipation can also be formed. Also, you may suffer from chronic indigestion or nausea. These symptoms may last for years and lost their shape. The problem is that people ignored them and learn how to live with them.

Are faced with skin problems

While the link still remains a bit vague, but according to research results published in 2011 in the journal Gut Pathogens, may be one of the root causes of leaky gut appearance of acne in some patients. In fact, patients with acne to some possible indicators of inflammatory bowel leakage react. Eczema and other symptoms of psoriasis of the skin.

Are faced with high levels of blood sugar

A study conducted by Swedish researchers in 2017 showed that leaky gut can cause inflammation throughout the body and this can affect insulin resistance. Since insulin to manage blood sugar is critical, insulin resistance can lead to high blood sugar. These conditions can cause a variety of health problems. Increased blood sugar as well as high blood pressure and high triglycerides can increase the risk of metabolic syndrome, a dangerous situation that exposure to heart attacks, strokes and diabetes increases, it is associated with.

Are unable to diagnose problems

It is possible to see a doctor and have several different treatments to help improve your condition does not continue to fight pain. Your doctor may refer patients to and after the test in order to evaluate the different kinds of diseases told them that laboratory results are normal. At this time, the leaky gut syndrome should be considered.

Is leaky gut can be treated?

The answer is yes. The first step is to remove stimulus disease. Then, patients receiving glutamine supplementation. Glutamine is fuel for cells lining the intestine and helps restore cells. Intestinal tissue will benefit from the speed of recovery. The key to learning how to meet the unique needs of the body.

Other triggers such as ibuprofen or aspirin painkillers can be, and consumption of alcohol. Times when you feel unwell track and see if you can detect a pattern. This way you can quickly detect and remove problematic factors help in less time.

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