7 hidden Beach in Goa!




7. hidden Beach in Goa!


Hidden beaches of Goa


Just in case you think all the beaches of Goa has been discovered, think again. GoaBeach, this beautiful country where everything is sunny, most of what you can imagine, the beach.


Beach Cary (Karim)
Close to the northern tip of Goa, the beach is located the coastal Cree quiet and secluded with a wonderful view. You can walk the long and lively in here to do, and no one mzahmetan. Even driving all the way from (Calangute) and through the coastline north to Kerry just before the armbol (Aramabol), the experience is excellent.
Beach Cary (Karim)
Beach lovers
Just 6 km from the beach (Margao), romantic and tranquil environment for lovers and non-commercial as it is known. This beach can only be accessed by private transport, and the long path for a romantic walk and sunset.
Beach (Terekhol)
Trkhol is located in the northern tip of Goa. Driving all the way to the trkhol with view of mental waves of this beach and palm trees on the cliffs, scenic.
Trkhol Beach
Beach (Bambolim)
Beach  is only in the last 7 kilometers from the capital city of  panjiis located. Local students often visit the beach, but the beach is not so is not commercial and therefore would also make it quiet and relaxing night for ideal.
Beach (Betul)
One of the most spectacular white sand beaches in Goa, the beach is a wonderful secluded camp Ashraf. The beauty of this spectacular environment and an amazing Beach which is just 18 km away (Margao) is located, is one of the best hidden beaches of Goa.
Beach b.
Beach (Velsao)
One of the most tranquil beaches of Goa, the beach is velsao, which is located just before the beach majurda and beautiful Silver sand and quietly, and the liveliness of its parts worth seeing.
cabo de Rama
The water greenish blue notch, the coastline dotted with Palm trees, and the Castleoverlooking the beach cabo de Rama, Rama is one of the scenic photo locations in Goa! cabo de Rama located 28 kilometers (Margao) is quite remote, despite being known for unorthodox passengers.

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