persian rice


Rice is one of the main menus constituent way in Iran. Fortunately, in addition to the excellent characteristics such as quality, convenient and largely organic flavor of local Tarom Fereydunkenar Another unique feature is Fereydunkenar local Tarom rice cooking does not require a very high skill so that with a little accuracy will be easily cured.
There are two general methods for cooking rice Dard1-drain


Each of these methods has their own advantages. In Kata nutritional value of rice and vitamin B1 (thiamine in rice husk or that separate the husk from the rice with vitamin B1 five-sixths of it disappears and remains only one-sixth of a grain of rice) Byshtrhfz and for healthy people and people who need more vitamin B1, is recommended.
If you drain the rice, then the same one-sixth of vitamin B1 also disappears and the rice lacks vitamin B1.
Drain rice procurement process more time and this time makes it more beautiful tall enough rice so that the rice procurement procedure for home parties and celebrations applications.Recipe to drain method1. Wash rice and mixed with salt and water and soaked for two to three hours aside.
2. In a pot of water over high heat bring to a boil until half-filled.
3. Empty the water soaked rice and put it in boiling water with a little oil Myryzym and subtract the flame.
4. Cover the pot after a few minutes (when the brain was relatively soft rice) a cup of water and oil will drain the rice and place rice (with lukewarm water).
5. We measure rice salt.
6. Dry pot over low heat put into the Myryzym rice. A glass of water and oil that were taken on that Myryzym.
7. The door closed pot over medium heat views. When the steam rice, fabrics brew pot put on the door. After 30 to 40 minutes is rice.
v One of the things that affect the rice cooking rice storage time. Brass time leaving the factory is up to 45 days, the so-called “new” and should be more careful cooking. As a general recommendation on new rice cooking rice for 3 to 5 hours is better than a cup of rice and two cups of water and add salt to the extent that quite salty rice be kept. After this time the rice is washed and replaced and we returned to the same ratio (a measure of rice and two cups of water) but this time with salt put on the stove and wait appropriate to eat twins. Rolling in time for the new rice and not cling to each other and not loose yet Height up by adding one or two glasses of cold water to the pot, causing a shock (stress) and then the temperature in rice let’s go back to step one twice a Guggenheim rice “twin” eat rice then drain it and will be ready for final curing.How method of cooking riceKata is a method of cooking in Iranian cuisine and is attributed to the northern provinces of Iran. The rice is cooking with flame and without drain. Usually with barbecue and local cuisine such as chicken rice and chicken with plums served with Anardvn.
To prepare a good rice to the rice classy and healthy use this method because it takes less cleaning and maintaining the nutritional value of rice. That’s why we paddy rice from the fertile land Fereydunkenar been supplying high quality, we recommend.
1. First, water, salt and oil (enough) to put on the stove to eat a whole roll and then add rice to it. When the rice water Kshydhshd, then brew it.
2. Rice Drmyavrym in the form of a peak.
3. Heat subtract the flame and put the lid Qablmە rice Dmkny fabric.
4. After 30 to 40 minutes is rice.


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