Cashmere, termeh


Cashmere, a fabric woven from fibers so soft precious as that of handicraft weaving exquisite Iran is.  curve roles such as paisley and flowers of Shah Abbas in different colors are used in cashmere. 

Cashmere and cashmere woven large variety of designs in different parts of Iran Yazd is very popular beautifully.  for Trmhbafy of silkand wool with long fibers are desirable. Thread with vegetable dyes and synthetic materials , natural, and more color name] , red , green , orange and black dyes are. Some of the diverse roles include knitting cashmere paisley , flowers Shah Abbasi , Demi plants , staghorn , Amir, corrugated (Muharram), bush surveys and almond bush

Maintenance, washing and ironing cashmere knitwear


Basically, cashmere fabric due to the unique texture, and high density Pvdhaysh because of a good relative strength and position than the rest of the fabrics are durable. However, light and humidity of the biggest factors is pale cashmere. Because the black parts of the light and heat sensitive than the rest of the parts that can easily absorb them. Willow is also one of the enemies cashmere and wool fabrics as against Bydzdgy protected, must be in keeping cashmere action, which is the most common use of naphthalene. Since it is usually accompanied cashmere lining and lace, cashmere wash with water damage to the product and also high-temperature water and chemicals in detergents can also be traumatic. So the only way to wash cashmere propose a laundry.



Finger technique was created roles in the past cashmere but is now Chharvrdy devices (for Sharbafi and traditional textile was used) is used. Trmhbafy boom of the early Safavid period, but are now obsolete and only in Yazd , Kashan , Kerman and Tehran (traditional arts in the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage , to preserve and revive the art) workshops are Trmhbafy.


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