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The keukenhof Garden in the Netherlands




The Kökenhoff Garden in the Netherlands
With more than 7 million shoots of tulip,
Get to know the world’s largest flower garden in the world
What’s in Amsterdam Amsterdam?


The Kopenhoff Garden, also known as the Garden of Europe, is the largest flower garden in the world. The Okinawan, which is in fact one of the main attractions of the trip to the Netherlands, lies in the city of Lyceum. The parade was opened in 1949 by the mayor of the city with the aim of creating an exhibition to display various types of tulips that are available throughout Europe.


According to the official garden site of the garden, more than 7 million tulips per year are planted in this garden. This garden was originally used for the purpose of collecting herbal remedies for the kitchen of the Kopenhaev Palace. Hence its name remains silent. Later in 1857, it was redesigned and formed on the basis of what we see today.
The Spring Garden Keenahov Garden was first opened to the public in 1950 and now hosts tourists from over 100 different countries. We know the spring for the rebirth season of nature. Then, in the cold winter, the plants wake up again and again in the spring of Johnny. The nature is springy and airy.


In the Netherlands, the spring is celebrated from mid-March to mid-May. At the same time, the Kökenhaus Garden in the Netherlands drowns flowers with beautiful colors. Colors that make anyone look beautiful. The best time to visit the Kopenhove Gardens is usually mid-April. But this time depends heavily on the weather. But usually in late March and early April, it is a good time to visit this garden.


Visiting the garden, which has an area of ​​more than 32 hectares and millions of flowering branches, can provide all of the variety of color and nature you need. Each year the garden has a new design. For example, in 2017 the design theme of the garden was Dutch design. Visiting the Kokenohov Gardens: Koknohov usually welcomes visitors from 8am to 7.30pm.


The entrance fee is € 13.5 per person. This figure is for the elderly over 65 years of age equal to 12 euros and for children aged 4 to 11 years 6 euros. Children under the age of four can also visit the garden for free. Side Views of Oktoberfest:
There are various cafes and restaurants in the garden where you can relax or eat.
– You can also take part in the gardens tour to see the flowers around this garden.
– There is a possibility to have a bicycle in the garden.
– You can also visit the Konkenov Palace to learn about the history and lifestyle of the people of this country.
– Try to buy your ticket sooner and online so that you do not wait long queues.


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