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Climbing routes in the world the most terrible



A dangerous adventure in Paradise wedding Hawaii


Haiku stairs in Hawaii (The Haiku Stairs)


Hearing the name Hawaii learn what you get busted? Be sure the famous beaches of blue sea and its beaches are vast and unparalleled peace, forgiveness and a summary of this can be the beauty of Hawaii, but in your opinion, what could be more attractive to the people of beauty? Risk and adventure! Want to talk about one of the beautiful Hawaiian horror haiku stairs, namely in Hawaii.


Climbing routes in the world the most terrible


Scary skyscrapers climbing experience in Russia
One of the dangerous allure of the island of Hawaii, the stairs to the reputation of the haiku stairs in Hawaii, this is a very dangerous stairs during World War II have been made among the mountains and the number 3922 PCs. About the history of the construction of the haiku stairs it is said to be that of one of the conflict after the second World War called “the war of the Pearl Harbor naval army, England fell to a thought of the mrmozaneh project.
The Army decided to to strengthen their communication to make a way haiku in the Valley, according to the natives of this region, because such a way was needed to be made to the two mountains is the height of the side by side exist and the path between them is also a smooth path. Since there was no such circumstances there, the workers were forced to the staircase in the heart of the Valley and the mountain to the peak of the mountain so that they can build.
Haiku stairs photos in Hawaii
Since the haiku stairs in Hawaii in the heart of a lush mountain is made, to Hawaiian heaven stairs are also said to be but the reality is that the stairs are very dangerous and it could be the price of the entire jantan. The magic staircase in a cloaked in lush palm trees and plants and so on mango, that beautiful nature makes people the adventurer’s invitation to see the glamour of their stunning …
Haiku stairs Hawaii
The stairs were closed for many years and visited it was ghdghn until the year 1975was reopened and people could see it, but because of the very bottom of the stairsand security failures that, in the year 1987 was closed again.
Clement‘s time due to natural events such as wind and storm, a lot of damage to the haiku stairs in Hawaii has been entered and cause it to become loose and is the reason why the work of climbing is not reasonable at all, but however it still apparently could not state the area in front of the Adventurous people, the reason for peopleto go up the stairs, a penalty and a fine of $1000 cash thousand.
Haiku stairs in the game tops in Hawaii
If you are of those people who risk the most important day of jantan and decide to visit this place, mind you. If you survive, you’ll need to buy time to John mjazatsh. Some people have to install between 2 bluff excitement of multiply this risk, something which the authorities are highly dangerous flashpoint.
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