خیانت زن به شوهر

Once you discover the betrayal of one of your parents, you can still maintain your relationship with them

The discovery that one of your parents betrayed or betrayed another is a terrible discovery. This discovery even questiones your relationship with them, and you may feel that you have little or no intimacy with them. However, they are still your parents and you can still maintain your relationship with them. It’s very important to tailor your feelings to the right methods, talk with your parents, and set a boundary. In the end, perhaps you can fix your relationship with them.

Step One: Cope With Your Feelings

1 Talk to a trusted friend. Find someone who is not directly related to this flow, so it’s best not to have that sister or brother or your relatives. A good friend will not judge you for your feelings and will help you evaluate the situation with the information you give him.

2 Go to the counselor. In such a situation, there will be different emotions from anger to discomfort. Talking to a psychologist who has experience in counseling is very good because you might see a topic that you did not notice. This person will not judge your parents either because of their behavior and will have a critical approach.

3 Write down your feelings in the office. Writing is a great way to cope with feelings and get rid of stress. It’s not going to be seen or read by anyone because these are your very own concerns. By doing this, you can assess your feelings and prepare yourself to talk with your parents.



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