Love that love dance content

Love that love dance content. total Creatures to move to WA.

On the art of the beginning of the creation which is evidenced by the dance and rhythm to your work order was successful. Dance and music to give human nature, human effects

Gnomon in k. letter to the mud era and writes that the King refers to their sometimes casual and come and dance.

It is also written on the Achaemenid Imperial aolmstd: Sally one time in Achaemenid ruler of mehregan should debauchery and dancing Corp. A survivor of the dance war dance before the Achaemenid periods has been





The Iranian felokorik dance

Baba Karam

In the midst of the felokorik dance, dance “baba karam” certain properties of the Persian dances which are performed by men omanhasra.
In “the Santa worm” dance of the shoulder and the waist and used black and white dress dancer on foolish and usually limp on the neck and hung it in the long run the dance.

Dancing Santa of the surviving cream 1320 SSI and dancing to the so-called “market alley” and “hozi” Board that is much about popularity.
Hayedeh Persian dance master, kishi the story of Santa to cream it defines:
¬ęThe story of Reza Shah’s time to and explore the story of the veil. One of these was the old lady gardener, Prince named Daddy worm. Every time I came to the garden Lady gardener’s sound:

How Daddy’s cream?

This gardener gradually love this lady, and after a while that travel to Europe, Mrs. Santa worm of love that dies.

The same thing would be that in the minds of the people of Santa worm as a man loves its dance forms, and the time it took a man’s movements have been indicative of love

In fact, the Santa worm of the symbols reflects the Iranian man’s love of his mistress who because of being away from his favorite girl gives hand of sake

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