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Impasse Marie King: you see, fear!




Impasse Marie King: you see, fear!


Deadlock (s Mary King’s Close)

In the distant past to the present, when we look at the history and search deep within it, we understand that different phenomena are always a threat to human life, in the course of the history of the war, in the course of the disease and in the course of time both times. Apart from the war, has been one of the factors that condition the length of time a lot of humans to the palate is sent, and in times past, this issue was also a lot more victims because of medical advances, such as today. One of these scary diseases that plague, fortunately, has been eradicated. A disease that is very contagious because it was terrible and sometimes the entire population of a town brought to destruction of the border. The country Scotland and in the central city of Edinburgh there in which sufferers of this terrible malady have been kept, the place is called deadlock Marie King.

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Before visiting any place it is better to have a little bit of information about it so that you can see with better visibility of it, in the case of deadlock Marie King is because the name of this impasse with the plague disease linked, not bad a little bit about this disease to know more.
A kind of contagious diseases that plague the animal factors. The bacteria of the disease, in the cutthroat environment instantly grows and in the past many people involved and is killed. This disease is fatal to a size that is a person who has been affected, within a period of 36 hours has been killed.
Deadlock in the country, King of Scotland, and Mary in the heart of the city of Edinburgh, and in Central Asia for the last time this disease. Since the plague disease was contagious, the people were healthy had until the arrival of the plague to prevent spots of the city citizens, so a few Street and cul-de-sac and blocked the street, Mary King, the name of deadlock. A disease that people were in the streets had up in solitude and darkness and hunger of plague die.
Impasse Marie King of Scotland
Impasse Marie King
Even after all these years still to go in this area of Edinburgh you can smell death and distress to good sense. When deadlock Marie King you can walk to see fire works and the reason for it is that in the past, many believed that even after death, the people who are killed in the plague, the disease it can still skirt the healthy people And so it is burned ‘ bodies repatriated until no trace of it on instead.
Today the impasse Marie King is one of the best tourist attractions of Edinburgh and you can either go on a trip to Scotland to visit it safely because of the year 2003 until now, no problem it happen or not reported.

Why this deadlock Marie King say?
Maybe it will be knowing this thread as to why the name Mary King on it. Mary King, the name of a woman in the city of Edinburgh, which was in about the year 1630 in the city life. This lady is a very successful life, tried to save the plague-stricken people and was thought to save them and the reason why the name of this region’s impasse Marie King.

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