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How do I make a week in Italy continually?



How do I make a week in Italy continually?
Travel to Italy


It is amazing, the tour of Italy! A country that supercharge of delicious foods, tourism treasures and the people friendly, and really to be able to get surprises with all the meat and your understanding, you have a lifetime to live in it, but wait! If you want to travel to Italy to see it both as a tourist, probably all of the life of the time. Many people, especially those who travel with the tour only a week to do this time, although perhaps a good idea for all of Italy is not tactical but good week of nothing is better! If you plan well, you can at the same time for one week, the land of Michelangelo. what about?


Florence‘s Cathedral, the symbol of the Italian genius
Want the trip to Italy from Venice to begin, romantic city of this country. What’s better than a boat ride on the Grand Canal Venice blue with one of those wooden boats of the Italian tourist attractions, classy Venice? After discovering this great channelcan go on the bridge and on foot to discover the unknown Venice. Doge’s Palace is another historic building is also where on a trip to the city is a must see. Inside and outside of the House with traditional architecture and can be beautiful Venice is designed by top artists. Be sure to surf in this town and get hot with peoplekhongrmsh, 2 days time.
The Tower of Pisa (stop)
If you want to go to the city of Venice, Florence, Pisa is an excellent way to stop between proposed and certainly do not like that on a trip to Italy to see the crooked Tower failed to stay! It is interesting to know that this is the same Tower during sakhtsh in the twelfth century began to tilt! After seeing it, be sure to spend time visiting the spectacular Piazza del Miracoli Pisa, namely field with its views and its fantastic.
The Tower of Pisa
Florence (3 nights)
In Florence coming from it as the cradle of the Renaissance, you can remember the most stunning to see the stunning art! In Florence you should find yourself in the city and the architecture and art to sink, and of his wonderful museums such as the Uffizi or San Lorenzo library. Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novello churches also have artistic masterpieces in its kind, don’t forget.
SINA (half-day trip)
Now its time has come, and that simply art of the art on the date of the switch! what about? With a one-day trip from Florence to Sienna city that opinion very lovely medieval town, most of Europe. When visiting from the central square, Il Campo is the start city and because of its famous passenger carriages. 500 meters from  will show the Tower go up where you can have the beauty of the Sinai city landscape.
Rome (2 nights)
Apparently you have to close and sfortan final days really 2 days for visiting Rome did not have enough time. This means that one of the things that you should be sure to do, throw a coin in the fountain of Troy is to make sure that returning to Rome once again! Then have to go to the side of the Vatican City and St. Peter’s square from his extraordinary churches. The Pantheon of ancient Rome, the structures you see.
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