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Travel to Serbia




Travel to Serbia

6 Serbian Cuisine Serbia’s beautiful country is a great destination for spending the holidays, especially in the summer. This sightseeing and tourist country has just canceled its visa for Iranians and can travel it easily and without a visa.
Serbian people have a hospitable and warmth that makes your trip to this country an unforgettable experience. If you intend to travel to Serbia,.


Serbian food
1 Sarma Related Content: 5 Belgrade attractions in Serbia 10 The famous Italian food, Sarma or roll cabbage, dates back to the era of the Autonomous Empire.
This delicious meal made with white cabbage has a lot of fans in Serbia today and it’s considered a queen of Serbian dishes. In Serbia, each chef has his own special secret for baking the most delicious Sarma. Sarma
Serbian Hamburger Hamburger Berger is one of the foods that is popular not only in Serbia but also throughout Europe. This exciting mix of grilled meat, along with tomatoes, onions and other vegetables, is served with Sommen or Lapina. You can find this delicious meal in most of the Serbian cities. Buy airline tickets to Belgrade, Serbia




3. Karađorđeva steak This cake is popular not only in Serbia but also in the world. This meal is made from meat, flour, eggs and bread. The steak is said to have been cooked by Mica Stojanovic chef for the first time, and is said to have worked perfectly well. Today it is known as one of the most famous Serbian dishes in the world. steak
4. Cevapcici Chubari becomes the King of Serbian dishes. This meal is served at parties, parties, picnics and as traditional food in restaurants. You can find this food in most parts of Serbia. If you love meat dishes, you love it with the first gaseous food you eat! This delicious meal is served with french fries and tomato salad and a little onion.



5- Musaka The Serbian Mosaic is largely similar to the typical Mosaic. The only difference with ordinary mosquitoes is that it uses potato layers instead of eggplant to make it. It is made from spiced meats and potatoes, and it has a crazy look. You can live with Mosaic with Sala Seasons.


6. Ajvar Ajvar is probably the most famous Serbian fare. This delicious snack that comes with almost all foods comes from eggplant, red pepper and garlic, and is eaten with bread. In Serbia, this salad is also called the Serbian Salad. If you travel to Serbia, do not miss out on this popular snack.

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