Ferrari F12tdf

450 thousand dollars

اخبارخودرو,خبرهای خودرو,گران‌‌قیمت‌ترین خودروها

With cost more than 240 thousand pounds, the Ferrari F12 car is not cheap, but for a real sense have a limited production version of the F12tdf to buy. Tdf letters which stands for the Tour de France competitions adorn specific vehicle escape.

The car is undoubtedly the ultimate choice car lovers. F12 has improved every aspect excellent and makes this car faster, sharper and more exciting than ever.

The car’s 6.3-liter 12-cylinder engine and force it benefited from 730 to 769 hp. Rdlayn engine starts until around 8900. To reduce vehicle weight of 110 kg and improved straight-line performance, with 87 percent of the more compelling the body produces more down force.

Only 799 units of this beautiful Italian made.

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