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Travel to Norway and its attractions



Travel to Norway and its attractions
8. abnormal Church of Norway, which has been made out of wood!

Norway’s churches

A medieval church in the country of Norway is seen that are made of wood and because the old architecture and at the same time sturdy and have a reputation of beauty. These churches are located in the more northern Europe and some of the best are located in Norway and one of the first reasons why tourists decide to travel to Norway is Norway’s churches. Most of the churches dating back to the twelfth century and thirteenth centuries.
The Church (Flesberg)
The Church of flsberg is one of the oldest churches of Norway that dates back to the twelfth century AD. The Church in the eighteenth-century ad due to the damage that was renovated and was seen on the restoration, a large part of it inevitably changed and as a result of a small part of it nowadays is what really has been in the past. One of the stone fences of this church, which is located around it.
The Church of Fallsburg
The Church (Gol)
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As is clear from its name, this church is in an area called flowers. Of course, nowadays the wooden church in Oslo’s Museum of culture and history. Exotic architecture with specific ceilings on both together, it is one of the unique of Norway churches has made.


The Church (Undredal)
The Church of andardal in the year 1147 at the small village andardal was made that one of the smallest villages of its kind in the country of Norway. This church is the only place to sit 40 and like many other medieval churches, after its reconstruction in a given time changes.
The Church of andardal
The Church (Roldal)
Roldal is one of the most special wooden churches of Norway, which is nowadays the Church’s Museum and 2 the application together. On Sundays each week, the doors of the Church as a place for worship, a worship to be opened and in other days, the Church has a Museum and hosts many visitors. The Church dates back to the thirteenth century.


The Church (Reinli)
Maybe the Church in terms of architecture and the appearance of a view that is not very strange but interesting point is that there is about it, is that another user previously and later to the Church. Another traditional, it is well preserved, and with a quick look at the past, it can be used.
The Church
The Church (Hopperstad)
The small village of Vik√łyri in the outside, one of the most beautiful wooden churches in Norway, his kind of course. This is a church that is one of the oldest known churches of Norway, in the twelfth century and is built in the nineteenth century it was completely abandoned, but fortunately, it did not enter and harm to the Bell of the trilogy, it is still the most important attributes to have.
The Church of hoprstad
The Church (Urnes)
The aurns terrain around the pasture and green head and flat plateau and the surrounding structures of the twelfth century in the midst of it, such as the Pearl shines. The number of animals being around this church would come in the name of the Gospel, and for this reason the area is considered to be native to the area, borujerd. Aurns although not the Church today but still many ceremonies such as wedding celebrations will be held in it.
The Church of aurns
The Church (Heddal)
The largest medieval wooden church, Norway, Church of hdal is at the beginning of the thirteenth century. According to the legend, making this church just 3 days and this time is the subject of the cause has one of the most phenomenal Norwegian churches become

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