The importance of your work environment to health

The importance of your work environment to health


In a strict business platform, it is assumed that the only way to improve the performance of employees, and their coercion to create stress comes in; But what many managers are unaware of it, the hidden costs and the negative consequences of a stressful work environment. Firstly, the cost of employee health in stressful environments, 50 percent more than other organizations.


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According to studies, whatever the job position an employee in a lower hierarchy of the Organization, the probability of cardiovascular diseases in her higher. “Research InstituteAnna Karolinska» on more than 3 thousand employees showed that among the leaders and stresses the extent of the behavior of nit employees to heart disease there is direct communication. The second hidden consequences of the stress, the lack of cooperation of staff. Someone in a stressful environment Dell not to work. You may be able to create fear and stressful a  to shortly encourage your employees to do things or even have them excited; but on the basis of the results of the studies, the stress caused to employees in their motivation for long-term cooperation with you. What creates the motivation of employees, a sense of security, comfort, support and mutual respect.
Isolation and lack of engagement of its employees also have other implications. According to the school of business research, “Queens” and “Gallup Institute» the absence of isolated 37%, the rate of staff errors of about 60 percent, and the rate of accidents created by approximately 49% higher than other employees. The lack of cooperation of the employees means less productivity, profitability and job development. Of all the more important, as the extent of the interaction of employees in an organization is, the more desire job seekers to join that organization goes higher. The third consequence of hidden stress, the lack of loyalty of the employees. According to research, the rate of resignation of staff in more stressful environments is 50 percent. The resignation of an employee as well as the cost implications and its share has: loss of skilled labour, the cost of the new force employment and training him and ultimately reduce the productivity of the organization. According to the statistical report of the American Studies Center, “progress”, the cost of a replacement labor force dropouts, and about 20 percent of the income of the same employee. Those news organizations that have implications from this, to reduce the stress of the staff side in terms of benefits for them, like sports, working away at work or variable working hours. This solution, however, the impact of the Government but come to a temporary account. Based on the Gallup Institute, research staff, a quiet working environmentand healthy cash and material benefits. But the health of the work environment depends on? The answer is simple: “a positive organizational culture.”
The health of the working environment
As a Director, four point is better for the health in the work environment in mind:
Create empathy. As a Manager, your on the behavior and brain activity staff feelings they have a direct influence. On the other hand, researchers at the University of Michigan to this issue that those compassionate leaders who are its employees, when they are not the only problems and crises will head back easier.
Unwavering assistance. Justice of the key features of a capable Manager comes into account; but some of the managers beyond the foot and right staff dedication to spend. If your employee’s expectations without any help, she will always be loyal and committed towards you. As a result, he will also have a similar behavior with other staff and thus, your friendly human behavior around the Organization of contagion. Researchers at the Rotterdam School of management «» of the employees, found a devoted Manager, more attractive, and the impact of the gzarter and is in such a bed, productivity and employee contribution goes up with each other higher and higher.
Healthy social relationships. Empirical research has shown that healthy living healthy social relations in the shadow file. People with healthy social relationships, less patient, shorter recovery times, less depression, learn earlier, less forget, have a higher threshold of tolerance of pain and suffering, better focused and better performance at work. Based on the research of the University of California, “Sarah persman stress and unhealthy working environment, including factors that are on the social relationsof the person and the amount of her life expectancy will be a significant impact.
The problems of your employees to hear. If the employee you know who you are, the better performance he is benevolent, and sense of security does this research «Amy admondson» of Harvard University shows. Over the course of his research, in conjunction with the psychological security that a secure cultural substrate, in which the directors are humble and happy growing and employees can easily talk about their problems, a desire to learn and efficiency substantially increases. In a safe space and free of fear, the fear of someone try and error, because the new technology is necessary, testing new ideas.
The effects of a positive work environment over time. In a healthy working environment, this feelings are positive. The same applies to relations between individuals has been strengthened with each other and the potential of individuals and the creativity they will flourish.

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