Travel, even for a short time is very good for health. Travel is the visual and bears, pilgrimage, for the purpose of recreation or even the kind of work that is good and desirable. Travel should be quoted in the convention of religious leaders, as guidelines to be followed and from school. Travel benefits are many. Experience and mature, familiar and new connections, it is like.

Imam Sadiq (AS) said: travel must be for one of these three things: (1) making a living and life-death journey 2- 3- fun and entertainment Ghyrhram permissible.

Among the pleasant trips, travel to holy cities and shrines and historical sites to visit and meeting with dignitaries and personalities of ethical (Imam Sajjad (AS) twenty-five times the Hajj).

So look to the collection of Islamic traditions, points to a “culture trip” teaches us that the most important, learn the rules of the association and traveling companion. Stressed that before you travel, find the perfect outfit as traveling alone is an abomination. Prophet (pbuh) has condemned three:

1 – A person who only eats its own food.

2 – someone in the house only sleeps.

3 – someone just to travel is long.

Imam Sadiq (AS): Travel to the charity started when me and wanted to go out, for (charity) you buy your travel health.

Luqman said to his son advice as my son with swords and shoe and turban and pavilions and musk water and yarn and needles and their flag Cannes travel. And drugs that work is you and your companions, and compatibility with thee, and with the agreement Hmsfrant show, but where is the sin of God.

If in truth you wanted to testify testimony and consultation and consider if you want, with full power of your ideas to use for them. If Hmsfrant set out, you have them in the fall, and if you saw they work, you’re with them to work out if the charity loan that you have with them; and from the one who is older than you is more than obedience Keep .

If the camp did you before they sit two prayers Let whenever migrated Kurdish two prayers jump and then land where they landed a bye and it and its people Hello First, because every territory inhabited by angels.

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