To hold some tours, a tour organizer is the main agency and other agencies only play mediatory role. In general, agencies that are providing charter ticket package is cheaper journey. Meanwhile, the trips are an agent and intermediary agencies would go there Vasthand sometimes it is better to go into the main organizer as middlemen would receive less profit but to attract customers.

When contracts Note:
– the contract between you and the agency registrant must have the stamp and signature of the director of the agency or its representative.

If it is necessary when signing up for tours and contract registration fee be paid to the agency on your behalf, be sure to pay, receipt.

– the oral enrolled Agency in connection with the description of services offered tour of your choice is never enough.

– the right to be aware of the itinerary prior to enrollment. So when you contract it from the registration agency.

– According to the provisions of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism insurance is mandatory for all passengers participating in the tour.

– Having a tour guide is essential and must be specified in the contract; there is also a guide wire with a valid card of cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism.
Ask sweep time and date, type of vehicle and, if possible, your seat number is known.

– the breakfast and it is known. For example, ask breakfast buffet is provided in the form of a travel package or packages. Or if the tour with meals (lunch, afternoon tea and dinner), should be known that the type of food, where and how it how it is served.

– View star hotel accommodation by indicating the degree they want. The location or locations and hours of riding in the area to ask.

– places of visit and indicating that the cost of the entrance fee being who is important and should be included in the tour contract.


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