Some general tips to prevent motion sickness

How do we prevent?
Some general tips to prevent motion sickness include:

Moving and shaking to a minimum. For this purpose during the trip by car should sit in the front seat. Seats ahead of the wing aircraft also suited for people with the disease. When sick people ride the boat should be in the middle of it.

It is better to take advantage of the open air along the way. For example, in the car with the windows down. Close your eyes and relax is one of the options. Note that patients should never read the book or see the movie along the way to be busy.

Recommended during track moving subjects in any way to move around like other machines, or do not look at waves of the sea. The best advice for watching the scenery around, staring at a fixed line slightly above the horizon.

Before the trip along the way and avoid heavy foods. Fatty and spicy foods will help to increase the potential problems.

If you have underlying symptoms such as high blood pressure, diabetes, diseases of the brain and nervous or people who have drug allergy should consult with your doctor about taking this medication.

If you’re in the car, try to sit straight. By doing this you will be able to predict its path and into a stare.

Some think that in the event of nausea should shut his eyes, but the reaction did not reduce nausea and worst thing that can be done in this case.

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