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The Windows user interface page 10 the professional



The Windows user interface page 10 the professional


This article will show you how to get the page of the user interface of Windows 10 (Metro) to create a modern and professional manner.


The Windows user interface page 10 the professional
Use the application bar
10 Windows application, typically with the aim of being more simple compared to the older versions of Windows programs are made, which means to say goodbye with the menus, toolbars, and most of the cases the standard user interface. Often several ways to gain access to the application bar is there, if you don’t know what to doon an empty part of the page, click the right key, press Win + Z, or your finger fromthe bottom of the touch screen to move upwards to Didi closer.


The beginning of programs from the desktop
Windows 8 is a visible way to start direct from your desktop. But setting it up to surprise the simple technology.


Right click on the blank area of the desktop and choose New Shortcut >. In the Location section, type the Explorer Shell statement: AppsFolder. Click the Next button and the desired name (like All Programs) to give it. Then Finish. Double clicking this shortcut makes opening a folder that contains all of the application is installed and you can see all of your open applications.


«User interface Windows 10
See what programs are running
If you close a program of Windows 10 with it for a while and then press Windows key, returns to the start page. However, it is the program you are running. Because there is no task bar, you may forget which program is running.


To view the programs that are running, you can use alt + tab as always and use those programs.


Use the Win + Tab key combination, the part on the left side of the page that openscontains the program is already running. (To view this episode by pointing with the mouse, the left and top of the page, and as long as a small display of a program to be revealed wait. then the preview with mouse drag to the bottom.)


Of course, if a little more technical details do not get upset, you can always press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys all programs running in the Task Manager.


The Windows user interface, page 10
Close programs
Windows programs do not have a close button 8, but this is not a problem if you want to think about it. When you pass on to something else, the previous applications remain to be suspended, so very little of the system resources you consume, and ifyou need to have the system resources, it is automatically closed. (Of course, its contents are saved, so with the opening of the program again, you can work from the same place where you were completed.)


However, if in any case you want to close the program, the pointer to the top of the page. When the shape of the pointer of a habitual mode it changed into a hand, hold the left mouse button and drag it to the bottom of the page. Your program to change the shape of a small thumbnail, then it can drag out to the side of the page.


There is a lot of trouble if this works, you can instead easily Alt key + F4 button (when you are inside the program).


If none of these methods did not affect the keys Ctrl + Shift + Esc to start Task Manager. Click the program in the list, right click and select the option to End Task. Justbe careful that if things are close, you might mistake your system crashes.





Hide the taskbar
If the Windows run on a tab 10 VDC, the better the task bar on the left side to keep up a little space and easily accessible through the thumb. However, if your fever is its vertical direction, rotate the taskbar large space will occupy the page.


However, if you plan to install a Taskbar Helper “Surface”, this problem will largely resolve. This tool makes you mighty gone washed up the task bar on your specific direction for auto hide. For example, you can see when the task bar is in the form of tablets show Portrait and Landscape for it when you hide the taskbar, چرخانید. This is a very logical way to best use of the space of the page.


The Windows user interface, page 10
The dominance of Internet Explorer in Windows to find over 10
If you click the Internet Explorer icon on the Start menu, a screen version of this program without the toolbar, menus, or you’ll see the side columns. Like many other spaces at the beginning of Windows 8, there may be a feeling of confusion to you.


Click an empty space on the page, or right-click with your finger from the top to thebottom. With this you have options to create or switch between tabs, Refresh button, Find tools and the possibility of Pin-up shortcut key, you’ll see the Start page of the Internet. Click on the wrench icon and click view on desktop to pick up a full-screen version of Internet explorer on your desktop.
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