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Ways to reduce the amount of the monthly bill



Ways to reduce the amount of the monthly bill


In compliance with the following tips can make your costs partly to save money.

In the winter the thermostat a few degrees the temperature low-grade and high-grade multi in the summer to save on costs.



1-double Windows, or to check the plastic frame to prevent wasting energy.


Apushsh cover for a heated roundup energy waste.



  1. the reducer-a stream of water or shower head faucet install the restroom has a low fee obtain.


3-degree temperatures in the winter the thermostat a few degrees, low and high in the summer a few degrees to save on costs.

Adjustable thermostat install programming or up to the cost of heating and cooling equipment for when you’re not home is reduced.


4-If you plan to purchase new supplies for energy consumption in it carefully.



5-install a solar panel. You can buy looking for discounts. Of course, some countries is not affordable and expensive.


6-for the cost of their health insurance.



7-if possible to own a home together to find your house rental fee reduced.


8-automatic payment systems Member bills make up have to pay the fines don’t delay.


9-your club membership and cancel the exercise at home or go to the Park.


10-buy organic foods to stay healthier in the maintenance and use them carefully, and don’t waste. The consumption of snacks and juices, expensive food worth have no restraint.


11-when you go to the store should not be hungry. But go to have and get yourself the right food so don’t use snacks.



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