What do you say about your nail polish color?

choose the color of clothes, shoes and nails .. direct relationship with the mood and personality of the individuals. You can follow this article to learn more about the psychology of women.

1. Peach

Peach-colored varnish, lacquer is used for different situations. For example, if you want to participate in a formal meeting, but do not want to lock your hands very eyes, the color of the paint is the best choice for you. Locke peach can use in every season of the year and always have a well-kept hands. People who have a great desire to paint peach, people quiet, romantic, yet nimble and clever.

2. Red 

Locke Qrmz·hmyshh is in the eye of the person who used this color lacquer now, the confidence enjoys and loves that always seems to attract others. This classic summer colors with orange and purple is in the winter.

3. White 

White lacquer restrictions for people who wish to escape appropriate. With this beautiful and lush colors of lacquer in summer and in winter will arrive classic and stylish look. People with white manicure for your hands, the people who are important to your appearance and your beautiful time to come. You will see these people more than others in barbershops.

4. Colorless varnish

For these people, colorless varnish color better than varnish but is broken and crushed. Women who use the varnish colorless, people who care about their appearance but do not have enough time to adorn why go to the trouble of the varnish colorless varnish is lower, the process.

5. Patterned

Women who your nails a different shape design, the risks are high marks for themselves and their beauty. They spend hours in beauty salons enjoy and love will always be viewed differently than others. If you do not have enough time to go out of the hairdresser rush, you better think of patterned lacquer out of your head.

6. Ruby

Colors ruby, green emerald and purple, compared to the classic colors of red and pink, are more up to date. People who like to always be on fashion, these colors are preferred. But if you think this color lacquer does not come into your hands, try it on your feet.

7.  Neon

John Locke neon gives to guests and travel. If you have a job, to diversify your leisure, try the varnish. Cheerful and bright colors to convey a sense of youthfulness and vitality.

8. Black 

As black clothes convey a sense of authority, black lacquer also show that you’re a tough person who can lose yourself early and no one is able to deal with you .. If you want with the color of Locke other sets, we offer you our blue and gray. The color is matched with almost all colors and stylish looks.

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