color of the year 2017


color of the year 2017


Every year at the beginning of the year the question of introducing color as color and showcases the shops are usually based on the same color design and a lot of vehicles you can see color the same downward or look for a dress or something with the colors of the new year.


Well, you might imagine that being a fashion color in every year, something happens, or the outcome of the public taste. But it is interesting to know that the choice of the color of the year for the Organization and its criterion!


How to choose the color of the year 2017


Select the background color of the year

To explain, in this case, should decades ago, that is exactly the year 1963, go back, this time, a graduated chemical named Lawrence Herbert, a system to standardize the colors. Whatever the color, in this way, a number was assigned and the other judgment was not that the people, causing variable color with

Other color confused.

Following this, the comp

any was founded by Mr. Lawrence and the Pantone. PANTONE means (all colors). (Pan meaning all, and significant tone color.)





Since the Pantone color Institute, 1990, so far belongs to the company Danaher is interpreted in Washington, with a survey of fashion and decoration than, select the year and paint manufacturers. The Institute is the desired color based on what people are looking for people to choose on the fly using it their needs can be accountable. This color doesn’t necessarily paint a very attractive market and selling fashion but is colored to designers in all categories that express a view mode and on the part of the people.


The impact of the choice of the color of the year

1-the meaning of the symbolic start of the year’s more intriguing

2-Express are available in the community in the form of air and pain

3-people and the owners of the fashion industry, allowed for more objective about the colors together have gadgets.

Does the company need to credit the PANTONE color select the color of the year?

This company advertises in the New York fashion for themselves, develop. Then with the gifts and the PANTONE name brand and mark objects as its mark brand. So it stores and boutiques with this brand was founded. Even coffee shops in Monaco that the deli was established on the basis of color, to offer the customer. This, of course, your goods or the deli really were not produced by Pantone, but with the company’s license and license production and distribution.

It is interesting to know that the PANTONE color standards, one of the standard systems provided by international reference colors or the International Colour Authority) ICA) used.


The color of the year 2015 was a symbol of peace, marsala

The color of the year 2015 was a symbol of peace, marsala


2016 quartz pink as the color of the year.

make up



Choose the color of the year can be the color of the makeup hair color and decoration is the color of the dress of the year

Our recommendation is that first and foremost the tastes of your choice and chooses the color of the year priority. But the color of the year can be described as a minor part of the symbol of the new year. that is, you can not use it as a symbol that the whole dress-up your interior design and the color of the year.

Dark-Navy-Blue-Hair-Color-Forums-Hair-Girl-color-20172016-quartz-pink-as-the-color-of-the-yearcolor- of -year -20172017-as-the-color-of-the-year

The color of the year 2017, after the company announced the PANTONE color on our site also will be announced.


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