Maybe it’s a surprise, but these things in Istanbul is free!











Maybe it’s a surprise, but these things in Istanbul is free!


Free things in Istanbul


Despite the many historical buildings and museums in Istanbul is certainly can freea lot of amusements in this historic city, and an unmatched, to accompany the patrol to free works in Istanbul.
Visiting the Museum Istanbul modern
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The introduction of discount shopping centres are always in Istanbul
One of the most important entertainment for contemporary art which is for local artists and international artists is an interesting modern Museum in Istanbul, which is an essential experience for fans of art. The good news for friends of the Museum is to visit the Museum on Thursday is free so you can make the whole day to watch the fine arts are busy and don’t spend money.
Istanbul modern Museum
Visiting the Museum of painting and sculpture
One of the Museum of fine arts in Turkey, Museum of painting and sculpture that was founded in 1937 by Ataturk and nineteen-century artists like Osman Hamdi and leave quietly and Badri rahmi to view. Daily between 10 am and the Museum is 4:30 pm (except Sunday and Monday) is free.
Go to salt galata
Salt galata art and cultural center, and also due to the architecture of his library andart gallery is stunning. This cultural centre is located in the vicinity of the former Ottoman Bank and research library inside is beautiful (free), restaurantcafe, bookstore,art gallery (free), and the Ottoman Bank Museum (free). You can make your entire day spent there.
Salt galata
Go to tour the higher
One of the colorful and historic quarters of Istanbul is the higher that you can tour the whole day at it  and circulation without being forced to make spending money. Greek Orthodox College building can be pretty stubborn fanar, a candle in the Church of St. George and St. Stephen‘s Church on the Bulgarian sea side beautiful to sit back, as well as the higher rated very beautiful houses that belonged to the Greek Orthodox families in the city.
Visiting the mosque zirik
The Church was formerly the zirik mosque by building large religious edifice of the second color of the beautiful welcome after Hagia Sophia that continues after years of remaining there, which after the fall of Constantinople to the mosque.
zirik mosque


Visit the art galleries in independence Street
Art galleries have always been free, and so is an excellent activity to save money. Can in Istanbul the city’s best art galleries right in the street meet, including the independence of the way historic building that has been building with the new art galleryon each floor are different, such as zilberman, galerist Gallery, art gallery, and the new gallery. A little lower than independence, another contemporary art gallery located in the name of Arthur that its exhibitions worth seeing.

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