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How to remove your eye makeup




How to remove your eye makeup


Should every night before bed, clear your makeup to your skin to remain transparent. But to wipe the makeup of the sensitive area around the eyes, what options do you have?


How to remove your eye makeup


To maintain healthy skin should be every night before going to bed, clear your makeup. Stay the cosmetics on the skin during the night can block skin pores and pimples. Leave eye makeup during the night can also cause you to go inside your eye cosmetics and cause irritation or even an infection. While clearing the eye makeup is very important, it can also be a problem, because the skin around the eyes are the most sensitive part of the skin. A few more suitable product for cleansing eye makeup, along with guidelines for its use are:


Extra virgin olive oil
Clear eyes makeup
Olive oil is a natural substance and is excellent not only for clear eye makeup is useful but also take care of the Cilia.
Method of use: a piece of cotton dipped in olive oil and gently on the eyes. The remaining olive oil with a warm wet washcloth. For a better experience, warm the oil slightly before use.


Clear eyes makeup
Vaseline is a mild makeup cleaner for eyes. Such as olive oil, and it has been a relatively low fee for your skin softly.
Method of use: using the angshtantan a little bit of it on the eyes. Then use a warm washcloth and wet Vaseline and cosmetics. In this way, the eye shadow and eyeliner quickly cleared.







Cold cream
Clear eyes makeup
Cold cream is not only a cleaner arrangement is fantastic, but also good for the skin around the eyes.
Method of use: with cold cream on eyes angshtantan apply. With a warm wet washcloth is cream and eye makeup.


Makeup Eraser wipes disposable
Clear eyes makeup
This cloth are the fastest and the most appropriate method to cleanse the eye makeup. Took advantage of this cloth are the need to add water or towels. These napkinsare also suitable for use in nocturnal voyages.
Method of use: just wipes on the eyes area, drag the make-up you destroy.


Products for sensitive skin
Baby shampoo and baby oil to remove eye makeup and eyelash care as well. These products are also gentle for sensitive skin.
Method of use: a piece of cotton soaked in baby shampoo or baby oil and apply it on the eyes. Then use a brush to wash it is hot and humid. Remember to wear cosmetics very quiet time to do it.
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