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Which countries have the best urban park in the world?



Which countries have the best urban park in the world?


The best urban park in the world


When tired of the bustle and the traffic, and you like to smell a bit of oxygen, what could be better than the rest and go to a park? There are cities in the world, no matter how advanced, modern and luxurious and it still will not only have not been unaware of green spaces but also some of the best urban park in the world is in its place nad. A few of the most laptop we introduce them.


The entrance to the Park in نامبیا is forbidden!
One of the most famous and the best urban park in the world is sure until now seenit over and over again. Maybe not famous, but so closely that over and over again in movies, series and a lot of pictures of the various programs of the land and the air and every angle of the mind that you taken and shown. This Park is located in the middle of Manhattan and the area is full of trees, lakes and colorful flowers, on the Park to the nineteenth century.
Central Park or Central Park, with an area of 35 hectares, which is 36 million annual visitors, if you want one of these 36 million note, simply reserve a plane ticket to the United States and to New York City, the Klan go …


Park (Golden Gate) in the city of San Francisco, USA
In the list of the best urban park is the second largest park in the world, that we want to introduce the city of San Francisco is located in the Park, which is so vast that you can get hours and hours and days to surf for it and tired too. In addition, the Park is the most important tourist attractions of the city of San Francisco is America, not bad to know about Golden Gate there is a 1600 different plant species, this park is famous for its license. In addition, important events and go that is supposed to happen in San Francisco, usually in the Park.
Golden Gate Park
Park (Hyde) in the city of London, England
When speaking of the best urban park in the world, cannot be a nominal of the ParkHyde in London. The Park is actually a Royal Park is in the heart of London and millions of people every year visit it. Hyde Park in London because of the existence of a fountain that Princess Diana commemorative as it is made, is famous. The Park is the largest urban park in the world. In addition, more speeches and protests and tzarahrat in London will be held at the Park. Hyde, drchrkhh riding trails and horse riding and it has a lot of swimming, golf, tennis and even a boat ride there.
London-Hyde Park
Park (Beihai) in the city of Beijing, China
The Park welcomes visitors since 1925, has a 1000-year-old Chinese capital of Beijing in the city, and of course that is not only a park and green space, but also a lot ofhistorical buildings and structures in its place. Beihai Park in Beijing has reached the equivalent of 69 hectares. One of the most spectacular parts of the Park Hall 4 and 9 Dragon Dragon Chinese people towards religious belief in this Hall.
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