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5 amazing Bookstore in the world to make the wings of imagination!




5 amazing Bookstore in the world to make the wings of imagination!


Amazing bookstores around the world

The most amazing of bookstores all over the world to discover! Bookstores, from the most inspiring parts of the world are the ones who can get in between the heaps of books and their gentle light in the world of fantasy, are overwhelmed and let the book an tsorattan fly. If you are a lover of books and no pleasure for you is higher than reading a book on a pleasant evening, this is for you. (B)

1-(Ateneo Grand Splendid) Buenos Aires, Argentina

The building is wholly forbidden books has been corrected!

4. the book of inspiring that any Tourism tourism should read
Probably the world’s only bookstore  Bookstore in a Hall that is located within the theatre. Multiple rows of books on the floor of the theater all have the red velvet fabric and even the scene of the theatre as well as it has been kept. The main scene of the theater has been transformed into a restaurant and live music with a piano in it runs sense and had a theatrical space force.



Buenos Aires Bookstore
2-Bookstore (Alta) Venice, Italy


Such lightness of the only bookstore in Venice you can find. You can find your favorite books among the gandola (Special Venetian boats), bath tub and enjoy small boats. The owner of this store, 70-year-old man (Luis Frizzio) that says love develops. This bookstore is overlooking one of the most famous Venice channels and large cats in the footwork!




Venice Bookstore
3. Bookstore (Cook and Book) Brussels, Belgium
Cook has a different combination of interesting and have Facebook, bookstore and restaurant. This restaurant is located in the heart of Brussels and where you can see that each different section 8 with respect to their subject matter, and a unique design in any room for table for serving. These sectors include public sector, music, etc. The Fiat 500 model it in the cooking section taken up old van travel section and hang from the ceiling at 800 book stories part fiction, the beauty and the charm of its section of the design to the extent that you won’t be able to do it from the heart!


Have Facebook Cook
4-bookstore (Devagar) , Portugal
The building of the modern Bookstore, before it belonged to an old textile Depot. Here you can drink coffee and see the beautiful sculptures of dwagar, like the statue of a girl to ride the bike, enjoy. Sundays this bookstore to market crafts and antique goods. In this building as well as advertising agencies, art galleries and shops of handicrafts also can see.



5-Bookstore (Pendulo) Mexico City, Mexico
This Cafe-Green Book and compelling blend of tree, and a cafe-restaurant offers. Can we eat breakfast, reading your favorite book or busy for lunch and dinner here to come and read books and eating in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere that ultimately pleasure.


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