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Things you should avoid in first visit



Things you should avoid in first visit


For the talks to a positive impact in the first meeting should take the following points in mind.


Things you should avoid in first visit
Up late


Reach late in the first meeting can be a big mistake and somehow a sign of disrespect and your interest in person and can have a serious impact on his talks.




Men often lie about their income, and both men and women to lie about their profession. If you think lying on the first day is a good way to discuss the positive impacta deluding yourself. In addition, if she knows you have lied in the first visit to his views than you will change. Lying can be a sign of low self-esteem is that you aatmadbeh a good personality characteristics.


Whether you are wacky


If you look at their phones frequently or hvastan around the room should know perhaps this is the last place you. You must be hvastan to everything but not having the focus on the individual front indicates he does not have a priority and thinks he isnot worth the time or the attention.


Do not listen


There are many people that instead of listening to the person waiting for your turn to speak. If you are that person in your mind is sort of his letter and the person said good don’t actually show you the attention he and his letter to don’t care. In his meeting with open eyes and ears must hear and talk to this method of active listening.


Putting aside the past


If you want to have a good effect on the first day here, let your focus from the past.If in the past you have betrayed your partner, is located in the enormous influence itbring up the good first.




It’s no wonder being on the side of the individual, positive, optimistic and happy to give you a more enjoyable than spending a few hours on the side of a negative person and bdokhlgh. If you have a negative behavior on the first day a lot of chances for a second meeting.


Forget the customs


If you want to have a good impact on the relationship between their first talks to let the Customs should take note. There is no need to be too formal but it should be aware that the best behavioral practices.
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