درمان افسردگی

Seasonal depression is caused by lack of light

When the days become shorter, less sun shines in the sky and the air is cooler mood of the people is also slightly changed. These changes make some people very seriously. They are now hard to wake up and feel weakness and lethargy are. They wish the sun and certain foods are so hidden in their nests until spring arrives.

These are symptoms of seasonal disorders. Seasonality is a sense of discomfort that occurs in the months of October and November, when days are short. And so on to reach the spring. Discomfort in the form of depression can be a seasonal pattern that starts from fall to spring each year the same season will continue.

The symptoms of seasonal depression:

Feeling depressed most of the day

Not wanting to things that were previously enjoyable for you.

Changes in schedule and sleep (usually sleeping too much)

Low energy and fatigue

Difficulty concentrating

Do not feel alone and interact with others

Decreased libido

The desire to sunlight

The desire to eat foods high in carbohydrates

افسردگی فصلی

Winter trips to sunny areas would be the best way to combat seasonal depression

Symptoms of seasonal depression

If you feel you are suffering from seasonal depression can do these things.


Seasonal depression is caused by lack of light so you should try more go out to enjoy the sunshine. In addition, you can also use light therapy boxes

Consistent sleep schedule.

Since the seasonal sadness, depression and disturbed sleep is having a regular sleep schedule will be extremely important.

Going out

Depression makes you find yourself locked inside the house. To combat this atmosphere better go out to re-gain your energy and mood.

a trip

Winter trips to sunny areas would be the best way to combat seasonal depression.


Many are seasonal depression when antidepressants are used. If you feel that these medications can be helpful to you consult your doctor.

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